I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sturm Foods, Inc. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating.

Like most parts of the country right now, we are seeing very low temperatures.  Just being outside for a couple minutes is unbearable so we are inside, wrapped up cozy, waiting out the cold snap. You know what is perfect for days like this?  A nice, toasty warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

With our Keruig, it is simple to make a cup whenever we need to shake the chill off.  Just pop in a single serving and enjoy.  We recently had the opportunity to try a couple new brands and they were a big hit!

We received three drinks to try, the Grove Square Hot Chocolate Variety Pack and French Vanilla Cappuccino as well as the Caza Trail Dark Roast Coffee.  This was the perfect combination for our family because the kids love cocoa, my husband loves dark blends and I adore flavored coffee!


The Grove Square Hot Chocolate Variety Pack Flavors include Dark Chocolate, Peppermint and Milk Chocolate.  This is my favorite time of year because peppermint products hit the shelves, so I was down right giddy when I discovered that Peppermint was one of the hot cocoa flavors.  It was the perfect balance of cocoa and peppermint, too.  Both the dark and milk chocolate was splendid and the kids loved dunking in a marshmallow or two.

I admit, I kept the Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino all to myself. I love flavored coffee and this one did not disappoint.  It’s not to often I can drink a coffee without adding some sort of creamer.  With the French Vanilla Cappuccino, there was no need.  It was perfect right out of the Keurig!  The vanilla flavor was perfect and this cappuccino was so smooth and creamy!  I loved it so much, I bought more. 

IMG_7780My husband, the dark roast lover, was pretty excited to try the Caza Trail Dark Roast.  He likes his coffee strong with maybe a splash of creamer.  The Dark Roast is a blend of select coffees from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia.  This coffee is perfect for those who like a bit of a punch with their morning drink.  He loved the rich flavor of the dark roast.

All there varieties were a big hit with our family and we have long since replenished our supply.  You can purchase all three on Amazon, the Grove Square coffee here and the Caza Trail coffee here.

How would you like to win a box of single serve Donut Shop Coffee?  Just enter on the widget below!

Good luck!

Open to continental US only.  18+ and over.

Ends December 18th.

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sturm Foods, Inc. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating

Product Sample
holiday2013bannerIt’s no secret that stuffed animals are a huge hit with little kids.  They get attached to a special one and lug it around with them wherever they go. Inevitably, these lovies get dirty, damaged or lost and it is heartbreaking for the little one.  I have seen time after time, friends scouring the internet looking for a replacement, and quick!


Sisters, Joan and Pat Bommerscheim, had a ingenious idea!  For three generations, the sisters have hand-sewn plush long-eared Buddies for each of their babies.  What is so special about these Bommerscheim Buddies?  They aren’t just any ordinary stuffed animal, but whimsical cuddle toys with fabric covers that can be removed, washed or replaced!  When these stuffed toys get dirty, simply remove the cloth cover and toss it in the laundry. After 50 years, the sisters have made the Bommerscheim Buddies available to everyone.

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holiday2013bannerKinsley is really into dolls and pretend play right now.  Her interests are moving more away from baby dolls and more towards the larger 18 inch dolls. Unfortunately, these dolls can get quite expensive.  Luckily, there is Springfield Collection and their cute assortment of quality, affordable dolls and accessories.


Springfield Collection Dolls are a brand of Fibre-Craft, the beloved company that’s celebrating 60 years of making children’s creative activity products. Springfield Collection knows the importance of imagination and creative play in a young girl’s life so they have created a line includes five gorgeous, quality-made dolls, each with her own unique personality and story.
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Do you have a hard-to-shop person on your list this year?  I have the perfect solution for you! Why not give them the flu, a stomach ache or the rotovirus?

Say what??

With GIANTmicrobes, you can gift your loved one a wide variety of microbes, from maladies to menageries!  Even better, you can get some in fun Christmas Boxed Sets!
microbesGIANTmicrobes are stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes but much, much larger!  The GIANTmicrobes website has a huge variety of microbes including the cold, brain cell, penicillin, even bed bug.  The latest releases are plasma, liver cell, even heart cell that beats when you press it!  They are great for teaching or just for fun!  
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sProduct Sample

Carrie’s back!  If you have been a follower for some time, you may remember Carrie is Kinsley’s little Elf from Elf Magic. 
all-elves-groupIf you aren’t familiar with Elf Magic, it is a wonderful family tradition that has been around for 50 years! It involves a mischievousness little elf and a whole lot of love!  Each year, Kinsley writes Santa a letter asking if her elf, Carrie, can come down and stay until Christmas. Carrie shows up around Thanksgiving and will join Santa again at the North Pole on Christmas Eve. During this time, Carrie will get into quite a bit of mischief and it is the highlight of her visit. Each night, she sprinkles the magic North Pole Snowflakes on her Elf, so that Carrie will come to life while she is sleeping. Each morning, Kinsley will wake up and search for Carrie to see what elfcapades Carrie got herself into during the night.
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Product Sample

holiday2013bannerI can’t believe it is December already!  Christmas is right around the corner, and if you are like me, you might be a bit panicked that your shopping list isn’t completed.  Thanks to Super Duper Publications, I am here to save the day! 

This year, give the gift of knowledge with Super Duper Publications selection of educational games.  These games are so fun, kids won’t even realize they are learning.
sdplogoSuper Duper Publications selection of children’s education materials are great for the classroom or parents of children who learn different, home schooled or just want to augment school lessons. 

Super Duper Publications has been employing Speech-Language Pathologists to make language-enhancing learning materials for kids since 1986, so you know you’re getting the best tools out there when it comes to self-service learning for kids. No matter the skill that needs improving, you can browse their extensive website and online store, www.SuperDuperInc.com, and discover hundreds of enticing products created by language professionals.  Each game or activity lists right on the website what skills it improves, so you’re sure to get the item that works on the specific skill you would be hoping to target with your child.

We recently had the opportunity to try three games from Super Duper Publication.  If you remember my last post, then you know how much we enjoyed our previous game.  The three new ones we tried did not disappoint!
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holiday2013bannerFilling the kids’ stocking up is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  It’s so much fun shopping for tiny presents but if I am not careful, those tiny presents can add up quickly. As a mom on a budget, I try to shop around for the best deals on stocking stuffers so the kids get quantity, as well as quality, in their stockings.  Thankfully, there is Peaceable Kingdom.

Peaceable Kingdom is one of my long standing favorite places to buy games for the kids.  Known for their cooperative games, Peaceable Kingdom also has great stocking stuffers like card games and stickers.  We recently had the opportunity to check out a few of the Match Up Card Games from Peaceable Kingdom. 
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product sample
holiday2013bannerI have almost finished by holiday shopping list, except for one tiny detail…the stockings. Stuffing stockings is one of my favorite pastimes. My mom used to fill mine with simple trinkets along with fruit, nuts and candy.  While I love filling stockings for the kids, they tend to get a bit expensive if I am not careful.  I also like to keep them simple, much like my own stockings from childhood.  To me, this means the kids are not going to find stockings full of iPod’s and cell phones but fun back-to-basic toys like playing cards and molding clay.  These basic toys are one of many reason we love Manhattan Toy.


Manhattan Toy has one unique product line that keeps things simple and creative, without breaking my budget.  The Imagine I CAN line of toys start at just six dollars and feature dozens of activity kits and toys for kids as young as three.  Many of the kits come packaged in colorfully designed tins that are portable and reusable making them perfect for holiday travel.

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Product Sample

NeoCell logo adjusted and 600 pixels 

When I look in the mirror I see myself aging faster than I would like; my skin is not as healthy looking as it once was; my hair is not as thick as I would like it to be and my nails are lacking strength and a healthy look to them as well.  As you look into the mirror what do you see? Do you see healthy skin, hair and nails?  I was excited to try the collagen supplements from NeoCell to see if their products could make a difference for my skin, hair and nails, from the inside out. As I had not heard of the NeoCell company before; I was interested in learning more about them and their products.

Neocell products pic


NeoCell’s Story

Collagen‘s therapeutic benefits have been widely recognized in Europe and Asia for decades. NeoCell introduced collagen to the Americas in 1998, by founder Al Quadri.

Following a heart attack, Al had a triple- bypass surgery and his recovery was slow and difficult. His muscles atrophied, and his usual energy disappeared.  For recovery, Al understood that he had to re-engage his body’s  own potential for healing and rejuvenation.  It was during his investigation of holistic therapies that he happened upon the unlikely remedy of collagen.  Al learned of the integral role collagen plays in strengthening and rebuilding lost muscle mass and connective tissue. Within a few weeks, Al began to rapidly recover and regain his lost vitality.

Once fully recovered, a reinvigorated Al set out to understand how collagen had stimulated his own regenerative systems, thus enabling his rapid recovery. For Al, this wasn’t just a miracle. It was his life’s calling- to make the same health and vitality Al experienced in his recovery accessible to everyone.


 What Does Collagen Do for the Body?

I had the wonderful opportunity to try NeoCell’s Beauty Bursts (in super fruit punch); the Keratin Hair Volumizer capsules and the Collagen Beauty Builder tablets. 

DSC03667 NeoCell Review and Giveaway 600 pixels

I was a bit skeptical at first because supplements making any claim to improve my health or well being, well,  that’s just how I am….skeptical.  I did want to give it a try though because of the way my nails look, their lack of strength and my hair needs major help as well. Here is a picture of my fingernails before using NeoCell:

DSC03697 Fingernails before NeoCell 600 pixels

These are my nails after using the Keratin and Collagen products from 9-3-13 to 10-12-13.  Look at the difference in my nails?!? Though you can’t tell the strength of my nails; the growth of my nails in such a short time span was amazing! I didn’t take any vitamins or change my eating habits in any way through this review.  I used the maximum suggested servings (4 chews) for the Beauty Bursts, so they didn’t last as long as the capsules and tablets, but I faithfully took all 3 products until they were gone and was really impressed by the results. 

DSC03806 Fingernails after NeoCell 600 pixels

The unique thing that happened to me was, when I was out of the products and moving, scattered and just a mess; well, my nails went totally downhill in every way. I was and am so disappointed in how my nails look now without the products, that I will be ordering all 3 products online or picking them up at my local GNC in December. One lucky Kate n’ Kaboodle reader will get to try these products, courtesy of NeoCell



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You can buy these NeoCell products at many fine retailers  near you!

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 One lucky Kate n’ Kaboodle reader will win a prize package from NeoCell!!! ~USA residents only

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Product Sample
holiday2013bannerChristmas is just a month away and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for the little girl on your list, then look no more!  Pinypon’s are sure to win the hearts of any child on your list!
pinyponlogoPinypon’s are a pint-size doll line, outfits and accessories.  There are many play sets to choose from (see our Pinypon Weekend Getaway review here) for hours of fun and entertainment!

We recently had the opportunity to check out the Pinypon Snow Ski Lodge and the Snow Adventure Car & Tow set. 

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