Getting your ears pierced is almost a right of passage for young girls.  It’s not too often you find a young woman who isn’t pierced, especially in this age when gauging seems to be so popular with teens.  Kinsley has been begging me for weeks to get her ears pierced with the adorable Hello Kitty earrings we saw at the mall.  I think my other four daughters were around this age when they started asking as well. I know some people have them done as earlier as birth but I have always let them on their own timeline.

riyanearspiercedRiyan getting her ears pierced.

I didn’t have any issues with her getting them done, I just wanted to make sure she was ready. I know she can’t properly care for them without assistance at age four which is no biggie – I just wanted her to be old enough to understand she is putting a hole in her earlobe.  I explained the process and how it would hurt initially but would subside quickly.  Yes, I told her it would hurt. I don’t sugar coat things with my kids.  I am not found of telling kids that something will be a “bit uncomfortable” or “may sting a bit”.  I believe in honesty. I told her it would feel kind of like getting a vaccination and then it would be done.
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Oh my goodness, y’all. When I said I was going to take a bloggy vacation and spend time with the family, I didn’t think I would be away so long.  I enjoyed the week during Christmas with family and we hardly had time to get the wrapping paper picked up before the kids came down with a stomach virus.  It started with one and just snowballed from there.  Kinsley was the hardest hit.  She hasn’t been sick a day in life, not even an ear infection.  I love to brag the merits of extended breast feeding for her super immune system but that all came to a screeching halt over Christmas break.

She woke up at 2 a.m. and vomited all over her daddy.  While a comical story for her to share later on, at the time, it was alarming.  For nearly 24 hours, my sweet baby vomited every 15-30 minutes.  She couldn’t even keep down a teaspoon of water. Without going into details, her little belly starting vomiting itself. Each time, less belly juice, more blood as her stomach lining and throat tissues began to weaken and crack.  This is heartbreaking for a mother to watch.

Being a mother of six, you would think I was used to caring for sick kids but she got so sick, so fast, so violently, it threw me for a loop. Not to mention, caring for a child that had no idea what illness was or why it was happening to her. I was on the phone with her doctor more times than I care to admit. She was on the cusp of hospitalization so many times, but each time would make the marker point set by the pediatrician. 

002Once the vomiting finally stopped, she slept for 14 hours.  I went to wake her up because she hadn’t had water or food for almost two days.  She has hard to wake up but I got her up and took her to the shower because at this point, she really was a mess. She let me clean her up and I carried her to my bed and lay her down, she didn’t move, didn’t talk – she has just a rag doll. Her face was sunken in, fingers shriveled – she has suffering from severe dehydration.

More calls to the doctor and we started pushing the Pedialyte like crazy.  It was New Years Eve and the last place you want to be on this night is the emergency room.  The doctor and I, again, agreed on a four hour marker for when to take her in and begin IV fluids.  As we were getting ready to go to the hospital, she finally began to come around. The much needed hydration was kicking in and within hours, was banging pots and pans outside to ring in the new year. 

We had a few rumbly tummy days after and I had to treat her little zombie eyes where she broke the blood vessels from vomiting so much, but a few days later, she was as good as new.  I am so thankful she is back to normal and doing great!

Although I didn’t plan an extended vacation, I am back and ready to take on the new year!  I am hoping this year will be the best ever for this little ole blog! 

I knew I wanted to make Kinsley a pretend play kitchen for Christmas.  I pinned play kitchens on Pinterest and scoured Craigslist for months looking for the perfect entertainment center.  I had visions of a grand kitchen to rival all kitchens.  Unfortunately, as time went on, I didn’t find anything that met my criteria for the magic I wanted to create.

Then I realized it didn’t have to be some grand Pinterest worthy piece but only something my Kinsley would love and enjoy.  It was for her, not me, and she didn’t require expansive refrigerators or fancy microwaves. She would love anything we made! I also realized she already had the perfect piece of furniture in her room.  It was being used as a storage space for her books and toys.  Even better?  It was going to be easy and inexpensive to make!

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How cute is that picture?  Don’t be fooled.  That adorable little butterfly will cut you if you come near her candy stash.

If you are a friend on Facebook, you probably have been following my posts about Kinsley’s candy antics.

Bottom line?  No one is getting Kinsley’s candy.  Check out my posts below!

I tell ya, this kid is a hoot.

How about you?  Any hoarders in your house?

Every once in a while, you will see a picture of your child that is almost a preview of what they are going to look like when they are grown.  This is one of those pictures.  Her face is just looks  so much older to me.  :(

You can’t take your eyes off her for a minute, or in the case of the last picture, five minutes of seemingly innocent playtime.

Look Mama, I went potty!

I cleanin'

I just cleaned and bagged up old toys the day before. She not only took them out of the closet, but mixed them up with the other toys so I have to do it all over again!