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You know how when you find the CUTEST little outfit for your baby boy and you are just SO pleased because lets face it, baby boys get the short end of the fabulous wardrobe selection at pretty much every major clothing establishment. (Have you ever walked into say, Target and seen rack after rack of super cute baby girl clothing and then a couple of shirts with like, a boat on them for boys? argh!!)  Next you wind up seeing that cute outfit on every baby boy around because, well, it’s the one cute outfit available!  So annoying.  So, when Raya from Clever Birds contacted me about reviewing a couple of baby boy bodysuits I was like HECK YES… I mean I was very excited to be allowed the opportunity to test and review clothing from Clever Birds.  


The designs I received are adorable.  One was sports themed and the other had a Giraffe.  The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the package was how soft they were.  SO SOFT!  The body suits are made of Cotton Micro Blend and also designed and printed in the USA.  I quickly chased down my 12 month old son and dressed him in the giraffe body suit.  I noticed right away how much I love the shaping around the leg.  A lot of onesies are really baggy at the leg area on my son but these fit so perfectly!  

IMG_2980[1]The quality seems really nice.  I love the fact that the designs are unique.  I browsed around their website quite a bit and found so many things I want to have.  Not only for my baby but for my 5 year old as well.BVY422A3PI_grande

I mean, look how cute!

Clever Birds sell a variety of products.  Bodysuits, Bibs, Burp Cloths, Blankets, Beanies, and Toddler Tee’s.  The products I received were 6-12 months.  The length (unsnapped) is 19″, Width 9″.  It fits my baby perfectly and he is almost 13 months.  Overall, I am so pleased I was able to try out these cute bodysuits from Clever Birds.  I can see how their products would make super cute and UNIQUE baby shower gifts that any mom would treasure.


Clever Birds website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

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You can find Clever Birds products at their website, BedBathandBeyond, BuyBuyBaby and Target.




Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time in a new mom’s life.  It can also be an expensive one.  Using coupons can help trim the cost on baby products but with a new bundle of joy demanding attention, who has time to collect and clip coupons?

Our friends at ShopperIncite has created a new FREE Shopping Planner for New Moms that is packed full of money saving coupons and offers, all in one convenient location! 

I recently had the opportunity to check out the Shopping Planner for New Moms for myself.  This handy little booklet is full of savings and fits perfectly in my purse for when I need it.  No clipping!

005This addition had over a dozen valuable coupons equating to about $18 dollars in savings for the coupons alone.  There is also promo codes, like free shipping and percentages off an order, for my favorite companies. Check out the coupons and deals below:

$2 off 2 Lansinoh products
$1 0ff 5 Gerber Graduates Grabbers
$1 off 5 Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Purees
$1 off 3 Graduates Puffs
$5 off 1 Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump
$2 off 1 Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple
$2 off any size Bio-Oil products

Promo & Discount Codes from Zulily, Amara, Baby Einstein, Crane, Primo, California Baby, Jenny Craig, Dolphin Organics and more!

006The Shopping Planner for New Moms is more than just a coupon book. The last half of the booklet has a meal planner that can accommodate 9 weeks of meals with shopping lists. It is also filled with daily doses of tips, tricks and easy-to-make recipes. 

You can sign up for your FREE Shopping Planner below.  The planners ship quarterly, with the next one shipping in April. The more moms that sign up, the more coupons they will be able to provide in future planners! 

I received a Shopping Planner for New Moms to facilitate my review, however all opinions are my own.

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Welcoming a new baby into the family is a joyous occasion.  Mom and baby are showered with gifts in anticipation of the big arrival but often times, the daddy-to-be is left watching from the sidelines. Now, daddies everywhere can spoiled with the selection of gifts for expectant fathers from Daddy & Co.!


Daddy & Co. (formally DaddyScrubs) is dedicated to providing dads in every stage of fatherhood a way to proudly proclaim, “I’m the Daddy!”.  With their line of apparel, gifts sets, books and more, Daddy & Co, has everything for the frantic first time dad to the more experienced dad. 
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holiday2013bannerIt’s no secret that stuffed animals are a huge hit with little kids.  They get attached to a special one and lug it around with them wherever they go. Inevitably, these lovies get dirty, damaged or lost and it is heartbreaking for the little one.  I have seen time after time, friends scouring the internet looking for a replacement, and quick!


Sisters, Joan and Pat Bommerscheim, had a ingenious idea!  For three generations, the sisters have hand-sewn plush long-eared Buddies for each of their babies.  What is so special about these Bommerscheim Buddies?  They aren’t just any ordinary stuffed animal, but whimsical cuddle toys with fabric covers that can be removed, washed or replaced!  When these stuffed toys get dirty, simply remove the cloth cover and toss it in the laundry. After 50 years, the sisters have made the Bommerscheim Buddies available to everyone.

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for MedImmune. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

14 years ago, my husband and I found out we were going to have twin daughters.  By 24 weeks, I was put on partial bed rest for threatened labor eventually being hospitalized with full bed rest.  During this time, I wasn’t allowed examinations, potty breaks, or showers.  It was a tough time but I had to put those little girls first.

I held those little babies in for as long as possible and made it 36 weeks, when they wanted to take them via c-section.  I told them they needed more time and I was right.  At 37 weeks, my babies were born on the cusp of premature and full term. 

Then this happened…
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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks & Luvs. I received a sample of Luvs Diapers to facilitate my review, however all opinions are my own.

For years, the favorite diaper for our kids has been Luvs.  The price is perfect and the quality rivals other leading brands. 

Kinsley, although she is four years old, is not night trained.  We use Luvs with her, not only for their value and quality, but because they are the only diaper that doesn’t make her skin break out.  She is still a heavy wetter at night so I was excited to have the opportunity to try the NEW Luvs with Super Absorbent Leakguards!

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When I was pregnant with Kinsley, the very first pair of shoes I bought for her were from Jack & Lily.  They were the cutest pink leather boots with a faux fur lining.  I was so in love with the little pint size boots, I couldn’t wait for the weather to get cold enough so she could wear them. Those little boots fueled my very big addiction to baby shoes.  Unfortunately, Kinsley can no longer wear baby shoes (darn kids, why do they have to grow?) so I have spent the last couple years showering my grandson, Liam, with the finest in baby footwear.  It’s only fitting that Liam have the chance to strut his stuff in Jack & Lily, just like his Aunty Kay-Kay before him.


Jack & Lily is committed to the development of high quality baby footwear. Lovingly designed with a baby’s sense of touch in mind, our footwear uses the best ‘Lamb Touch’ leather available. Jack & Lily owners have been in the leather business for 25 years and have perfected the art of sourcing out quality materials that ensure healthy and comfortable feet, while keeping up with the latest fashions. With more than 200 combinations of contemporary colors and distinct styles to choose from, Jack & Lily is proud to be providing ultra-soft, fashionable shoes for babies and toddlers throughout the world.

Jack & Lily have three types of infant and toddler shoes, Originals, My Boots and My Shoes.

  • Originals are hand-crafted with breathable, ultra-soft, premium cowhide leather and a suede sole that is flexible and skid resistant. A gently elasticized ankle provides comfort while making them easy to put on and stay on! They are washable by hand or machine.
  • My Shoes are hand-crafted with breathable, premium leather and our signature durable, soft, flexible, rubber sole. Additional features include suede lining, 3 MM’s of cushioning for the sole and ankle. Velcro makes it easy to put on and stay on. A true soft-sole shoe that can be used outdoors or indoors.
  • My Boots are hand-crafted with breathable, premium leather and our signature durable, soft, flexible, rubber sole. Additional features include an ultra-soft, non-allergenic faux fur lining and 3mm cushioned sole. A true soft-sole shoe that can be used outdoors or indoors.

I recently had the opportunity to try the Boys Brown Leather Sandal with Liam. As with any active toddler boy, we needed a durable shoe that could keep up to with an active child but also keep his feet protected and cool for summer.


The Jack & Lily brown sandals are simply adorable and versatile enough to go with every with outfit.


The high quality sandals feature a Velcro closure so they are easy enough for even Liam to put on and take off.


The suede lining provides plenty of cushion and support for his feet and the soles have great traction.

IMG_6553One of the things I adore about these sandals is the ample foot room.  All too often, I find baby shoes do not accommodate a chunky little foot.  That isn’t the case with our Jack & Lily sandal.  There is plenty of room without being too big.

I love the softer sole and foot bed, too. I find that Liam will often trip in shoes with chunky soles.  These work better with his natural instep and he can run, jump and carry on much like he would barefoot.

We couldn’t be happier with Liam’s summer sandal.  Visit Jack & Lily for a wonderful selection of quality, infant and toddler shoes that fit age 0 – 30 months.


Jack & Lily Online, Facebook and Twitter

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You can purchase the Jack & Lily Brown Sandals on their website for $32.

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I received the above mentioned product free of charge to facilitate my review, however all opinions are my own.

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BabyGanics Company Logo

When I became pregnant with my first son 5 years ago I was endlessly trying to catch all the unsolicited mothering advice being thrown my way.  EVERYONE was a professional mom and/or dad all of a sudden.  They knew the best everything (in their opinion).   So I did what any nervous first time mom would do and went into debt buying  just about every newborn “necessity” on the market.  Including diapers.   This time around, however, there are new all natural diaper options that weren’t available before.  Needless to say I was very excited to be able to test and review BabyGanics‘ Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent diapers.


The launch of Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers offers consumers the first diapers to truly be baby-friendly, parent-friendly and eco-friendly.   Made with an exclusive blend of superior seed oils known as the NeoNourish ComplexTM, babies’ skin will be nourished and moisturized by a diaper that provides a premium comfort and fit as well as effective leak control.  Pair this with the fact that the diapers are made from bio-based materials, and contain no harsh chemicals, chlorine, latex, petroleum-based lotions or fragrance; and you are left with a product that offers more than any other diaper on the market today.

The Rear Gear™ Ultra-Absorbent Diapers by BabyGanics features:

Superior absorbency & premium leak control. Plus, disappearing wetness indicator (sizes Newborn – 2)

Stretchy, breathable sides & re-fastenable tabs for a comfy, flexible fit

NeoNourish Complex™ nurtures & supports baby’s skin

Made with Chlorine Free, bio-based materials. NO latex, toxins, petroleum based lotions or fragrance


When it came time to test these diapers out I was nervous.  To be blunt, my 3 month old son has an uncanny ability to, um, produce mass quantities of breastfed poo with a force unnatural for a wee little dude.  I assume most parents will understand what I mean when I use the term blowout?  Because that is exactly what happens in nearly every other diaper.  I’m talking up the back, throw the onesie away type blowout. It’s ridiculous.   So I have become quite particular about the brand of diaper, the size, the way it is put on, with what amount of tape to wrap around the diaper so it doesn’t leak.  You know, the usual. ;)  But I threw caution to the wind and tested these diapers out for a few days.  The first thing I noticed is how incredibly soft they are.  ”Oh dear this is not good”, said my nervous internal voice.  So then after I was done petting my face with the soft diaper (what?!) I put it up to my nose and inhaled.  Absolutely no odor.   No overwhelming powder scent.  No chemical scent.  Off to a great start!  I then pulled out one of my diapers to compare the two visually.




BabyGanics on the left and my other brand on the right.  Both are size 1.  BabyGanics has gathering around the waist both front and back which I absolutely love.  They are a very giving 1, if that makes sense.  Giving yet snug.  At the time of this test I had actually started buying 2′s for little dude just to try to keep the poo in the diaper.  BabyGanics’ Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers fit him the way I think a 1 should fit.  I was able to get them up and around his chubby legs with ease and cinched them up nicely around his waist thanks to the stretchy top.  They have a velcro like top which is really nice because I have to adjust the fit no less than 10 times each diaper due to the fact that he never. stops. moving.



I would like to mention is that my little dude has extremely sensitive skin.  He has had diaper rash most days of his little life.  I have my theories regarding certain brands of diapers and what they are made of that makes his rash worse.  BabyGanics diapers didn’t magically cure his ongoing rash but by the time I was out of diapers his bum looked much better than it had in a very long time.  The diaper caused absolutely no irritation anywhere and did not cause any additional rash.

I am also very excited to tell you that we had zero leaks and not one blowout.  Pair that with the fact that these diapers are Eco-Friendly, I am sold.

I am so happy I was given the opportunity to review these diapers because I probably never would have given these a chance, otherwise.  I, like so many others, fall into the land of sticking to what I know when it comes to diapers.  If there is one thing you get from this review, tired parent, I hope you are given the confidence to branch out and try BabyGanics‘ Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diaper.  I, for one, am thrilled to be making the switch.


BabyGanics Website, Twitter, Facebook

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I received the above mentioned product free of charge to facilitate my review, however all opinions are my own.

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When I had my first son 5 years ago I cried when I discovered he would not take a pacifier.  I tried them all which in the end just led to a drawer full of pacifiers to be thrown away.  He was a fussy baby that always needed soothing and I was his built in pacifier.  SO when I had my second son 2 and a half months ago I decided to offer him a pacifier from birth.  He LOVES his binkie. (hooray!) I quickly discovered there are SO many different brands, shapes, colors, styles.  It’s overwhelming.  That’s where Difrax is different.

dfrax boy


The Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier System is a “stylish pacifier designed to stimulate baby’s happiness at every stage & age.”   Difrax is a world-renowned European baby product company making their debut in the US market with this innovative design.  Difrax pacifiers come in two styles: Classic and Orthodontic.  Each style has a 3-stage design to accommodate growth and development.

  • 0-6 months is the perfect first pacifier for a preemie or newborn, as the size of the nipple and shield has been scaled down to accommodate their smaller features.  This design also has the softest nipple texture. Classic or orthodontic.
  • 6-18 months is larger in size yet still suited to the baby’s development.  The nipple is still soft, but a bit firmer than the newborn nipple. Classic or orthodontic.
  • 18+ months is unique in its design, because the nipple is solid, which prepares the child to be weaned from pacifier use.  Classic or orthodontic.


Difrax Pacifiers have a unique butterfly shape to prevent the nose from being obstructed.  The added holes in the design allow airflow to reduce skin irritation.  The Classic design has a round shaped nipple that is more like a mother’s breast.  The orthodontic style has a rounded top side to rest against the baby’s palate while the baby’s tongue presses against the flat side.  It stimulates the development of the palate, tongue, and jaw muscles.  I was sent the orthodontic 0-6 month style at such a great time because I was just starting to switch my baby over to an orthodontic style.


I was really excited to see the style of these pacifiers.  Have you seen how boring the designs are for boys?  I am not a sports fanatic.  I don’t want my son’s pacifier to have a basketball, soccer ball, football, etc. on it.  These pacifiers have bright colors and abstract designs that pleases this mom.  But, I was still skeptical.  Would my son really take this style?


He played with it with his mouth for awhile but he didn’t refuse it altogether.  When it came time for nap I tried the pacifier again.



It’s a work in progress but I love this product.  I think they have a fantastic advantage with their 3-stage system because it is unique in the US market.  I look forward to trying different versions as my son grows older.


Difrax Website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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I received the above mentioned product free of charge to facilitate my review, however all opinions are my own.