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Saturday, May 17th, is National Learn to Swim Day!  With summer right around the corner, National Learn to Swim day increases awareness about the importance of learning to swim. SwimWays, a brand of swim products, has an entire website that provides great tools and resources for parents as they teach their child to swim.  TeachMetoSwim.com includes swim tips, accomplishment certificates and more!

You can keep your little swimmers safe in the pool this summer by following some of the swimming safety tips below!

  • Get your child comfortable in the water at an early age
  • Introduce your child to the water using a baby float designed to help children feel comfortable and build water confidence, like the SwimWays Baby Spring Float
  • Once your child is ready to learn to swim, use a graduated flotation device, such as SwimWays’ Swim Steps Power Swimr
  • While you may feel your little one has the skills to swim unassisted, remember it takes a lot of courage to traverse the water without help  
  • It’s often beneficial for a child to ease into swimming with a little extra support, like a kickboard, before taking their first solo strokes
  • Never leave your child unattended in or near the water. Teach children to understand that they must always ask for permission before they go near the water

National Learn to Swim Day is an opportunity for families to learn about the importance and benefits of learning to swim before Memorial Day Weekend and the start of summer.



A few weeks ago, we joined our local community center that has an amazing pool, water slides, swimming cove, play zone and lazy river.  Kinsley, who has only really splashed in the lake up until this point, is over the moon over our membership.  We discovered on our first visit that she is a water baby.  She jumped in and never wanted to leave.  I knew it was time to teach her to swim.

It was about this time that we partnered with SwimWays as a brand ambassador!  It was perfect timing! We visited the TeachMetoSwim.com website to learn how to get started introducing Kinsley to the water and SwimWays assisted us by sending her a pretty awesome swim vest! 

SwimWays Swim Step products are available on three levels:  Swim Step 1 – Water Introduction, Swim Step 2 – Water Exploration and Swim Step 3 – Swim Training.  Kinsley is currently in step 2 and these products are designed to support and comfort a child as they learn pre-swimming skills and start to move around in the water.


Kinsley is starting off her swim step with the SwimWays Swim Vest.  This swim aid has sturdy foam inserts that provide balanced floatation both upright and while leaning forward.  It is designed for ages 2-4.

IMG_0146The Swim Vest features front zipper with safety closure and an adjustable harness between the legs that keeps the vest in place.  The sides have a stretchy elastic for added comfort and flexibility.


She was pretty excited to hit the pool with her new swim vest.  We headed to the pool to get started.  Of course, she jumped right in as usual.  I wanted to start some easier tasks with her, like putting her face in the water and floating.  The swim vest gave her the confidence to let go of me and practice floating almost immediately.  I was completely surprised at how quickly she accepted these challenges!  Within minutes of jumping in the pool, she was floating unassisted, without fear. 

IMG_2915Then it happened.  She pushed away from me and ventured out on her own.  I immediately grabbed for her but she pushed me away again as I cautiously watched to see what would happen. 

IMG_2913She doggy paddled her way to the edge, something we hadn’t even taught her to do.  The swim vest gave her confidence and she was going to go for it.  She paddled her way around the perimeter (the entire perimeter!), grabbing the ledge when she needed to rest.

IMG_2922The entire hour we were at the pool completely amazed me.  She had a smile a mile wide for the rest of the day.  She was “swimming”.  I grabbed the camera and made a video for her so she could see how she was doing.

See her telling her sister no at the end? She wanted no help at all!

We returned to the pool later in the week and she went crazy paddling around in the water.  Her confidence and eagerness to learn was adorable.  At the end of the second session, I took off the vest to see how she would do with the skills she learned.  While she could float almost as well (she did start to panic when she released it was all her with no swim aid), the paddling wasn’t quite as successful. I think she needs a few more days to practice her form but I have no doubt she will be paddling unassisted before long.

I can’t wait to watch her skills develop and have her move on to the next step – all thanks to SwimWays & TeachMetoSwim.com! 

National Learn to Swim Day Coloring Contest

As a part of the National Learn to Swim Day celebration, SwimWays is hosting a coloring contest. Kids can create their own artistic masterpiece by simply downloading a coloring sheet from TeachMetoSwim.com for the chance to win a pool prize pack, which includes a Swim Steps item, pool toy and Spring Float! Three winners will be selected, and the contest runs through May 31st. We hope you’ll share this fun contest with your readers to give them the chance to win prizes that will help teach their children how to swim this summer.



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