It’s hard to believe this is my last post from my trip to L.A. in March.  I had such wonderful experiences – interviewing the cast of Captain America, visiting the set of Grey’s Anatomy, hanging out with Kermit and Piggy – and finally, visiting the set of General Hospital. 

“General Hospital,” which celebrated its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013, continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on “General Hospital” with contemporary story lines and unforgettable characters.


It’s hard to believe there is a show on television that is older than me but it’s true!  General Hospital has been on the air for over 50 years! General Hospital was created by husband-and-wife soap writers Frank and Doris Hursley and premiered on April 1, 1963. I remember watching it with my mom when I was a kid.  I was completely up-to-date on the entire Luke & Laura storyline. 

collage2When we first arrived, we were brought into a room to see many of the iconic props from the show over the years. The props were from story lines throughout the year.  There were table and tables of goodies for us to check out.  At one end of the room was a rack of beautiful gowns from the show’s annual Nurses Ball.  These gowns were from the 2013 episodes and they were magnificent!

IMG_9958IMG_9957Port Charles will once again hold the iconic Nurses Ball gala a fundraiser for HIV and AIDS awareness and research. As the Nurses Ball 2014 begins, several popular Port Charles residents will be noticeably absent from the Red Carpet and stuck at home watching the festivities on TV. Old and new loves will percolate while others find themselves in awkward situations. Amidst all the romantic drama, the never-dull Nurses Ball audience will be entertained with fun performances and sexy surprises. The Nurses Ball episodes air May 8 through May 13.
nurses ball

Photo credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

The gowns were breathtaking and the props?  Oh how I wish my mom had been with me to see them all.  I don’t remember much about General Hospital from when I did watch but I know she would have been over the moon to see it all.  I did snap a photo of this painting of Laura for her!

IMG_9944After looking at all the cool props, we headed to the set.  The entire GH building is a hospital set, even the parts that aren’t used for filming.  Outside of the dressing rooms, for example, you will see the slots to place patient charts outside the door.  It was like being in a hospital – that is until you actually were on a live set!  The active sets were composed of three walls with camera’s in front and above.  It was crazy how you could look one direction and see a room of the show and look the other and all the camera equipment.

IMG_9961 IMG_9962 - Copy IMG_9964We walked through the “hospital” and visited patient rooms, Jerome Art Gallery, an apartment, the nurses station and the police station. 


We mingled with some of the actors including Finola Hughes, Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Rylan, who plays Lulu Spencer Falconeri. We also had an opportunity to chat with executive producer Frank Valentini about the show.

General Hospital” executive producer Frank Valentini (back middle) is surrounded by some of the show’s most recognizable stars (clockwise from bottom left): Tyler Christopher, Roger Howarth, Jason Thompson, Sean Blakemore and Kelly Monaco (seated).(Photo credit: ABC/ Ida Mae Astute)

We may have even created scenes with Emme performing an ultrasound on a blogger or two.  Emme is funny and outgoing and  hopped right on board as the “doctor” when we were snapping pictures on the set. 

It was a fun experience, even for those who haven’t watched General Hospital.  For those who do, you don’t want to miss The Nurses Ball episodes airing May 8 through May 13!

General Hospital airs Monday through Friday at 2:00- 3:00 p.m. on The ABC Television Network

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I received an all expensive paid press trip sponsored by Disney and ABC in exchange for coverage of the events. All opinions are my own.








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  1. Janet W. on May 7, 2014 at 3:12 am said:

    I don’t want the show, but what a neat experience to see everything in person, especially if you’re a big fan! Not everyone gets to have a behind the scenes look. Very neat!

  2. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) on May 15, 2014 at 4:50 am said:

    how cool that you got to be on set!!

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